Nerd Word Wednesday

tapas |ˈtäpəs|

plural noun

small Spanish savory dishes, often served in tapas bars.

ORIGIN Spanish 

We’ve talked before about “foodie trends”.  From cake pops to green tea-flavored everything, the food world sets trends which are, in many ways similar to the fashion industry. 

Tapas are one of these trends.  Tapas bars have become ubiquitous in many urban areas.  Offering up small samplings of flavorful Spanish cuisine and providing the diner with the opportunity to get a full panorama of Spanish culture in one meal.  These bars have become popular for that very reason.  The setting presents eaters who love trying new things with the perfect solution.  

Though tapas refers more to a concept rather than a particular dish, it is becoming an important part of the food world, and these small plates of culture are must-try for a foodie.  

Happy Wednesday!


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