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Ashlyn Bowden

Welcome!  I am so glad that you are here. 

My name is Ashlyn Bowden, and I am The Pedantic Foodie.  I am a lover of classic literature, cozy winter afternoons, and oversized sweaters.  Most of all, I love food - creating it, studying it, and sharing it.  When I learn about food I learn about something that is not only a part of my daily life, but the lives of all those around me.  Food is the universal commonality.  When we prepare food and share it with others, a bond is formed.  We are connected by something familiar, something we already know, something we already love.  

I opened up this corner of the internet while in my freshman year of college as a simple portfolio for the journalism career I had set my eyes upon.  Since then, my passions have redirected and evolved in wonderful ways that I could not have possibly anticipated.  Blogging has become my main and primary pursuit, and photography, which began as a necessary evil, is now one of my greatest loves.  I am recently married, as of October 2016, to a pretty wonderful man who reminds me why I began all of this in the first place when he finds me having the occasional kitchen meltdown.  We, along with our fur baby - Sabine Margret, live in an 1100 square-foot apartment that we have affectionately dubbed, Norwyk Manor.

This site is my creative outlet and my baby.  Sure, you'll likely come across a typo or two, but I strive with all my heart to write and develop the kind of blog I love to read.  I genuinely love every product I recommend and every brand I work with.  While this is my chosen profession, there are instances when professionalism is exchanged for authenticity.  That means that at times I have to step back and go against the grain by not posting several times a week, in order to focus my efforts on creating something that I can really be proud of - something that I know you will love.  

My utmost goal is to offer content that will inspire you to dive into your kitchens, conquer the deepest of your culinary fears, squash all reservations (pun intended), and make something that you and your loved ones will savor. You will likely hear me mention "intentional living" from time to time.  It sounds fancy and should really be its own Pinterest category, but truly, it just means stepping back.  It's the code phrase I use to encourage myself and others to set down our bustling routines and take the time to make something from scratch, have a really good cup of tea, or learn about the difference between true cinnamon and the stuff we buy in red plastic jars.  It is conciously making ourselves better educated and relaxed human beings, and it requires plenty of practice.  Please, join me on my pilgrimage through life and pasta, through cookbooks and crusty loaves of bread, through long days of baking and bitter bars of chocolate.  Let's learn together!

PEDANTIC |pəˈdantik| 


characterized by being excessively concerned with minor details, rules, and academic learning.  

Ashlyn Bowden

Why Pedantic?  


I was introduced to the word “pedantic” many years ago.  Reading its definition was like hearing a description of myself.  I love learning, and can be a little on the fastidious side, especially when it comes to food.  Obsessing over the nitty gritty details is what I do best.  I love the challenge of developing an idea, a technique, or a recipe until it becomes something truly special, something that brings a smile to the face of my friends and loved ones.